CT-05 Voter Guide

A comparison on the issues...

The Issues

Elizabeth Esty

Mark Greenberg

Standing up for Women’s Rights:

Etsy voted for the Violence Against Women Act and supports equal pay for equal work. Esty will continue to stand up for all women’s rights.

[S. 47, Vote #55, 2/28/13; Esty for Congress, accessed 4/11/14]


Greenberg said the amendment giving women the right to vote actually weakened the Constitution.

[Greenberg iCaucus interview, 4/8/10; National Archives, Amendment XIX, 6/4/19]

Fighting for Health Care Equality:

Esty supports making insurance companies provide equal coverage for men and women and provide coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions. Esty voted for the bipartisan bill, Keep Your Health Plan Act, so people wouldn’t lose their insurance.

[Esty for Congress, accessed 4/11/14; H.R. 3350, Vote #587, 11/15/13; NPR, 11/15/13]


Greenberg said he would vote to let insurance companies drop patients with pre-existing conditions and would prevent young people from staying on their parents’ health care plans. He would also charge women higher rates than men for the same coverage.

[Connecticut Mirror, 8/14/13]

Protecting Seniors:

Esty will continue to protect all seniors. Esty voted against turning Medicare into a voucher system and she supports lower prescription drug costs through Medicare.

[H Con Res 25, Vote #88, 3/21/13; H Con Res 25, Vote #88, 3/21/13; Esty for Congress, accessed 4/11/14]


Greenberg cannot be trusted to protect seniors. Greenberg called Social Security a “failure” and would privatize it. Greenberg supports a plan that would eliminate Medicare’s guaranteed benefits.

[Mark Greenberg in Simsbury, 2:50, 2/3/10; Mark Greenberg Town Hall, 25:30 7/23/12; People’s World, 8/1/14; CBPP, 4/8/14]

Putting Education First:

Esty believes in education at every level, and supports increasing STEM education, improving early childhood education for every child, and making college more affordable.

[Esty for Congress, accessed 10/13/14]


Greenberg says we should completely eliminate the Department of Education, forcing dangerous cuts in education funding that would results in elimination of federal student loan programs and making college more expensive.

[Mark Greenberg in Simsbury, 8:31, 2/3/10; McClatchy DC, 9/21/10; US Department of Education, Federal Aid Resources, accessed 8/5/14]

Mark Greenberg has the wrong ideas for Connecticut women, seniors, and families. Connecticut cannot afford Mark Greenberg’s plans. Learn more about House Majority PAC here: http://thehousemajoritypac.com

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