FL-13: Republican David Jolly vs. Democrat Alex Sink

The March 11 special election in FL-13 is a top priority for House Majority PAC.  Democrat Alex Sink will help move our country forward by putting partisanship aside and doing what’s right for Pinellas County.

Republican nominee David Jolly is a Washington, D.C. lobbyist who has been on the wrong side of every issue.

David Jolly lobbied to change Social Security on behalf of a special interest group that supported privatization of Social Security. The AARP strongly opposes this because it risks Social Security benefits in the stock market.  Jolly also lobbied on a bill that would privatize Medicare, and he personally supports re-opening the donut hole which would cost seniors thousands in additional prescription drug costs.

Democrats under 50 years old who don’t always vote need to know that David Jolly lobbied against the Paycheck Protection Act, which would ensure women are paid the same as men for the same work. Alex Sink has always been a strong supporter of equal pay for equal work.  David Jolly has also bragged about his endorsement by an anti-abortion group, whose founder claims that women are less likely to get pregnant from - quote - "assault rape" - unquote - than regular intercourse.

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