NV-03: Republican Joe Heck vs. Democrat Erin Bilbray

The District
Nevada’s Third Congressional district includes the southern part of Clark County and a number of Las Vegas suburbs.  It also includes Henderson and Boulder City.  The district is as competitive as it gets – Barack Obama carried it in 2012 by just over 2,000 votes.  The district is about 16% Latino, 12% Asian, and 8% African American.

The Race
Congressman Joe Heck spends his time working for the Republican party and not the people of Nevada.  Instead of standing up to Republicans in Congress and trying to find common ground with Democrats on issues affecting our nation like improving the economy, tackling of deficit and debt, and improving our schools, Heck continues to take his marching orders from the Republican party – siding with his party leadership almost 90% of the time.

On issue after issue, he is loyal to the Republican party rather than the people of Nevada:

  • Heck agreed with Mitt Romney’s statement that the housing market needed to “run its course and hit bottom.”  Now, when the economy is finally starting to turn around, Nevadans who can afford to buy a foreclosed home are being pushed to the side for foreign investors.  We need leaders who will take action, not listen to Republican party leaders and wait for things to hit bottom.
  • Heck even said, “the role of Congress is not to create jobs.”  That must be why he voted party-line to give tax breaks to companies that ship American jobs overseas and voting to give millionaires and billionaires massive tax cuts that will add a trillion dollars to the national deficit.
  • Heck opposes a woman’s right to choose.   Earlier this year, Heck voted with the Republicans in Congress and voted for a nationwide ban on abortion after 20 weeks and to place additional burdens on survivors of rape and incest seeking abortion.  That plan passed by just 32 votes.  Heck also voted in lockstep with Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood – one of the nation’s largest providers of low-cost birth control and cancer screenings.

Heck’s challenger, Erin Bilbray, will work across the aisle to fight for Nevada’s middle class families.  She has dedicated her life to public service, including founding Nevada’s first completely free pediatric health center for children.  Bilbray’s top priority will be creating jobs here in Nevada, and she’ll fight for a fair budget that protects Social Security, Medicare, and education.  Bilbray will always put what is right for the district first, regardless of Washington leaders.

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