Dem House super-PAC reserves $12M in TV airtime

By Lisa Hagen 

A major Democratic super-PAC is booking more airtime and boosting spending to $12.2 million as it gears up for 2016's competitive House races.

The House Majority PAC on Thursday announced new TV reservations in markets across the country.

Last week, it booked nearly $7.5 million in eight media markets: Denver; West Palm Beach, Fla.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Des Moines, Iowa; Las Vegas; Manchester, N.H.; New York City; and Philadelphia.

The group added TV reservations in five more media markets Thursday: Chicago; Duluth, Minn.; Lansing, Mich.; Minneapolis; and Washington, D.C.

The group did not specify which congressional seats it will target, but some of the newly added markets include districts that received more favorable ratings for Democrats from the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. Among those districts are GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen's Minnesota seat and GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock in Virginia.

“With these newest reservations, House Majority PAC is continuing to ensure that we spend strategically, efficiently, and effectively to secure victories across the country,” House Majority PAC Executive Director Ali Lapp said in a statement.

“In district after district, House Majority PAC will be holding Republicans accountable for a radical agenda that has defined their party across the ticket. We will keep making wise investments that maximize the impact of our dollars and maximize the opportunities Democrats have to win in 2016.”

Democrats have an uphill climb in taking back control of the House and need to net 30 seats. But as GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump inches closer to the nomination, some political observers see more room for Dems to flip the House.

Here’s a breakdown of markets and TV reservations, including broadcast and cable:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa: $316,217

Chicago: $978,861

Denver, Colo.: $1,104,036

Des Moines, Iowa: $312,930

Duluth, Minn.: $227,434

Lansing, Mich.: $327,617

Las Vegas: $3,030,825

Manchester, N.H.: $471,675

Minneapolis: $2,415,794

New York City: $544,712

Philadelphia: $730,193

Washington, D.C.: $888,547

West Palm Beach, Fla.: $901,770

From The Hill on April 7, 2016.

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