House Majority PAC Unveils Final TV Spots Hitting Extreme Republicans

Washington, D.C. – One week out from Election Day, House Majority PAC is launching ads in nine competitive Congressional districts, making final arguments about extreme, out of touch Republicans.

AZ-01 – “Why” condemns Jonathan “Payday” Paton’s extreme and dangerous views. Paton supports letting insurance companies deny access to birth control, mammograms, maternity care and cancer screenings. Paton even voted to let doctors and hospitals deny emergency contraception in cases of sexual assault. EMILY’s List and House Majority PAC are jointly airing “Why,” which will run through Election Day in Phoenix as a cost of $120,000.

AZ-09 – “About Women” hits Tea Party political Vernon Parker over his radical views that include banning abortion even in the case of rape and incest and letting insurance companies deny access to birth control. House Majority PAC is airing “About Women” in conjunction with EMILY’s List. The spot will run through Election Day in Phoenix at a cost of $120,000.

CA-36 – “Disappointed” shows how after 14 years in Washington and votes to gut Medicare while raising her own pay nine times and giving members of Congress taxpayer-funded health care for life, it’s clear Mary Bono Mack is looking out for herself, not the Coachella Valley. “Disappointed” will run in Palm Springs for a week as part of House Majority PAC’s $285,000 buy.

CA-52 – “Representing You” points out that Brian Bilbray’s votes to end guaranteed Medicare benefits, let insurance companies discriminate against women and deny access to birth control don’t reflect the views of San Diego families. “Representing You” will run through Election Day in San Diego as part of House Majority PAC’s $850,000 buy.

GA-12 – “Dine” makes clear that Lee Anderson isn’t on the side of Georgia families. After all, Anderson voted twice to allow Georgia Power to raise rates while he enjoyed being wined and dined by Georgia Power lobbyists. The spot will run in Augusta and Savannah through Election Day at a cost of $183,000.

A radio ad, entitled “Wine and Dine,” with a similar message is also running concurrently.

IL-13 – “Insider” demonstrates just how out of touch Rodney Davis is with Illinois. After all, Davis supported a plan that cuts Head Start and job training and guts Medicare, forcing seniors to pay more for care, all while giving millionaires another tax break. “Insider” will run in Champaign for a week at a cost of $165,000.

IN-02 – “Extreme” hits Jackie Walorski for her extreme, Tea Party views, including her support for privatizing Social Security and risking guaranteed retirement benefits on Wall Street. “Extreme” will run through Election Day in South Bend at a cost of $185,000.

MN-08 – “Who We Are” slams Chip Cravaack for supporting cuts to education funding and Pell Grants, helping put the dream of a college education out of reach of young Minnesotans.  “Who We Are” will run in both Duluth and the Twin Cities through Election Day as part of House Majority PAC’s $650,000 buy.

TX-23 – House Majority PAC is launching two spots in this district. The first spot, “Play By The Rules,” is being run in conjunction with the LCV Victory Fund, takes Quico Canseco to task for his out of touch priorities, including supporting tax cuts for millionaires and for companies that ship American jobs overseas. “Play By The Rules ” will run through Election Day in San Antonio at a cost of $480,000.

House Majority PAC’s second TX-23 spot is entitled “Dream,” and focuses on Pete Gallego’s history and his plan to end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas and instead offer tax breaks for jobs created here at home. The spot will run in San Antonio through Election Day as part of House Majority PAC’s previously announced $415,000 buy. 

These ads come on top of the final TV ads House Majority PAC unveiled yesterday and over the weekend in FL-02, FL-18, NE-02 and TN-04.

In addition to new ads, House Majority PAC also announced the expansion of several existing buys:

  • In IA-04, House Majority PAC will add $70,000 to air “Our Time” in Rochester-Mason City, in addition to the $170,000 expenditure in Des Moines.
  • In IL-12, House Majority PAC is spending $340,000 to air “Our Choice” in St. Louis in addition to the $125,000 already being spent to air the spot in Paducah.

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