HMP Announces New Ad in GA‑06

May 30, 2017

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC, the leading super PAC for House Democrats, in partnership with Patriot Majority announced a new television ad, “Signs,” that starts running on Atlanta stations today, May 30th.  The spot is supported by a $500,000 broadcast buy.  “Signs” focuses on career politician Karen Handel’s record of misusing taxpayer dollars and putting herself ahead of the people she was supposed to represent.

“After numerous failed attempts at elected office, it’s clear that voters are tired of career politician Karen Handel’s reckless spending and ‘me first’ agenda,” said Charlie Kelly, Executive Director of House Majority PAC.  “Whether wasting taxpayer funds on a luxury SUV, air travel, or pushing frivolous office expenditures during Georgia’s worst budget crisis in 70 years, Karen Handel has a record of looking out for herself.  With this ad, we’re sending a clear message that Handel can no longer get away with putting herself and her own ambition ahead of everyday Georgians.”
The ad can be viewed here.
In addition to the $500,000 broadcast buy with Patriot Majority, HMP is investing $200,000 in a Get-Out-The-Vote field program that began earlier this month and runs through Election Day.