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Republican Mike Coffman versus Democrat Andrew Romanoff

The District
Colorado’s Sixth District encompasses suburbs to the north, east, and south of Denver, including Aurora and Littleton. The district is extremely competitive, and Republican Mike Coffman (whose district was much more conservative prior to redistricting) narrowly beat his Democratic opponent in 2012 despite dramatically outspending him. The district is home to a growing number of Hispanic and African American voters and will surely be home to one of 2014’s most competitive congressional races.

The Race
Congressman Mike Coffman is too extreme for Colorado.  He was a key backer of the Colorado’s Personhood Initiative, which would ban all abortions, without any  exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother – and could outlaw common forms of birth control. Coffman favors a plan that would not only deny women access to affordable contraception, but would deny access to affordable mammograms and other cancer screenings for women.

Coffman’s record on the economy and responsibility with our tax dollars is just as bad. He voted to effectively end Medicare as we know it, and he favors privatizing Social Security. Yet he failed to pay his business taxes twice and was even fined for breaking ethics rules and using taxpayer dollars for political purposes.

Andrew Romanoff, the Democratic candidate in the race, will work for common sense solutions to the real problems Coloradans face.  In the legislature, he led the fight to pass an Economic Recovery Plan and steer Colorado out of a deep recession.   In Congress, he’ll fight for a balanced approach to our budget that protects Social Security, Medicare, and education.  He’ll work with Democrats and Republicans to get things done for Colorado.