What Others are Saying

"devastatingly effective"
- Politico, 2012

"Downright artful"
- Roll Call, 6/4/12

"Leaving a mark"
- Politico, 7/12/12

"An impressive showing"
- The Hill, 11/19/12

"Most memorable"
- National Journal, 6/10/12

National Journal:

"Nolan's Allies at the Democrat-aligned House Majority PAC amplified that line of attack... Earlier in the year, the super PAC launched a project aimed at targeting white working-class voters in Nolan's district, as well as a couple of dozen others in states such as Michigan and New York." - National Journal, 11/15/16

Roll Call:

"HMP was also instrumental in helping defeat New Jersey Rep. Scott Garrett and Florida Rep. John L. Mica..." Roll Call, 11/9/16


But it wasn’t just the GOP that got outside-spending help in the battle for control of the House, and the Democratic group House Majority PAC amassed an easily better-than-even record of wins and losses in 2012.

Of the 52 races where House Majority PAC spent significantly, 26 have been called for the Democrat and 20 have been called for the Republican. Six have not yet been called, but have Democrats leading.

Huffington Post:

House Majority PAC spent nearly $36 million in 2012 on more than 50 races. According to a report by the Sunlight Foundation the group won 70 percent of the races on which it spent money.

Washington Post:

Unique among most outside spending groups, however, was House Majority PAC’s emphasis on coordinating spending among other Democratic groups, to stretch their dollars further.

Because of this emphasis not on ideological purity or specific policy positions but on basic numeric gains, House Majority PAC was able to work with other outside Democratic groups that perhaps had a more specific focus to fill in spending gaps.

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