About HMP

Our Story

House Majority PAC is the only PAC focused exclusively on electing Democrats to the U.S. House of Representatives. Formed in April 2011, House Majority PAC’s goal was to answer the barrage of GOP outside spending and ensure that never again would groups funded by Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and right-wing extremists be able to drown out Democratic candidates and leave these candidates in a hole that is difficult to climb out. 

Over the course of five election cycles, HMP has built a record of success, coordinating extensively with progressive groups to compete, fight back, and elect Democrats to the House. HMP has played a critical and strategic role in nearly every competitive House race in the last ten years. Our track record coordinating and developing seamless independent expenditure programs with our allies means IEs in any given district are strategic, efficient and effective. 

HMP has been an integral part of holding Republicans accountable and in 2018, helped House Democrats pick up 40 seats. In the 2020 cycle, HMP spent $150 million to boost Democrats and was the largest spender – among either party – in the House battlefield. 

Looking ahead, we remain committed to protecting and fortifying the Democratic House Majority. We will continue to employ smart, effective and innovative strategies that help vulnerable incumbents keep their seats and ensure challenger candidates have the resources needed to compete and win.

“devastatingly effective”

– Politico, 2012

What Others Are Saying

“The House Majority PAC, which is the largest super PAC aiding House Democrats, is on track to spend $150 million this cycle, triple what it did in the 2018 election.”

August 1, 2018

“Unique among most outside spending groups, however, was House Majority PAC’s emphasis on coordinating spending among other Democratic groups, to stretch their dollars further. Because of this emphasis not on ideological purity or specific policy positions but on basic numeric gains, House Majority PAC was able to work with other outside Democratic groups that perhaps had a more specific focus to fill in spending gaps”

“How House Majority PAC Helped Deliver a Democratic Majority”

“House Majority PAC spent nearly $36 million in 2012 on more than 50 races. According to a report by the Sunlight Foundation the group won 70 percent of the races on which it spent money.”