Ad knocks Duffy as ‘out of touch’

October 17, 2011

The House Majority PAC started a new ad today knocking U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy for being “so out of touch.”

The ad says Duffy’s favorite meal is steak and sushi, which the narrator says is no wonder since the freshman Republican says he’s struggling on his $174,000 salary.

The narrator then says it shouldn’t be a surprise that Duffy voted for tax cuts for millionaires and Wall Street as well as protecting profits for companies that ship jobs overseas.

“While Sean Duffy struggles to keep sushi on his table, maybe he should work to keep food on ours,” the narrator says.

A spokesman for the group said the ad will run on cable and broadcast in Wausau and Minneapolis as part of a six-figure campaign that includes three other Republicans.

A source familiar with the buy said the ad buy against Duffy is approximately $45,000 and will run on Wausau cable and Minneapolis broadcast TV.