AZ-01: House Majority PAC Congratulates Ann Kirkpatrick

November 5, 2014

Washington, D.C. – In what was House Majority PAC’s top spending race this cycle, HMP congratulates Representative Ann Kirkpatrick on her reelection in Arizona’s First Congressional District.

HMP and our allies spent over $2.5m to secure Kirkpatrick’s reelection, making it our top investment of the 2014 cycle.

“After relentless attacks by the Koch brothers, Ann Kirkpatrick secured a victory for Arizonans who believe in reasonable, responsible government – not extreme partisanship,” said Ali Lapp, Executive Director of House Majority PAC. “House Majority PAC was proud to play a part in making sure this effective representative will be able to continue her great work in Washington.”

Ann Kirkpatrick was first elected to represent this sprawling, eastern Arizona district in 2008, but lost in the Republican wave of 2010.  She ran again in 2012, won, and with House Majority PAC’s help, held on to this competitive district through the midterm election.  Kirkpatrick’s opponent was the first choice of the Republican establishment: Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin.


Tobin had to get through a competitive Republican primary, but the Republicans did not give Ann Kirkpatrick an easy time while she waiting for her opponent. Beginning late 2013 into the spring of 2014, the Koch brothers-affiliated groups were running attack ad after attack ad against Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, spending more than $1.35 million.


House Majority PAC polled and realized we needed to fight back, or the Republicans would so damage Kirkpatrick’s image that the race would not be winnable.  In January 2014, HMP ran “Listens” which described Rep. Kirkpatrick’s efforts to make sure health care worked for Arizona families and businesses. After more attack ads from the Koch affiliated Libre Initiative, HMP ran “Hidden” detailing how insurance company executive Andy Tobin was being funded by out of state billionaires and insurance companies with hidden agendas.

Republican groups spent over $15 million on attack ads against Kirkpatrick.  House Majority PAC aired television advertising for the final four weeks of the campaign and ran a radio advertisement focusing on the important Navajo tribe population in the district.  Our television ads were widely praised and made a critical difference in how Tobin was viewed by voters.  You can see them HEREHERE, AND HERE. We heavily invested in this race. Without both the early intervention, and the late heavy investment, Kirkpatrick may have fallen victim to another midterm election. 


HMP aired the following ads in this district:





“The Call”:


“Main Street”: