CA-25: House Majority PAC Congratulates Katie Hill

November 7, 2018

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC congratulates Representative-Elect Katie Hill on her victory in California’s 25th Congressional District.

“Katie Hill stood up for communities across CA-25 and achieved a terrific victory,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Charlie Kelly. “House Majority PAC is proud to have played a role in ensuring Katie Hill can be the champion that working families in CA-25 need in Congress.”

CA-25 was a critical seat on the map for Democrats. While the district went for Hillary Clinton in 2016, it hadn’t elected a Democrat to Congress in over a quarter century and was the only Republican-held seat in Los Angeles County. Despite the inherent challenges this became a top pick-up opportunity for several reasons: a surge of grassroots activism, a strong candidate, and a Republican incumbent with a toxic voting record. Katie Hill grew up in the district as the daughter of a registered nurse and a police officer, and her campaign was reflective of her upbringing – fighting for hardworking families and focused on issues impacting the 25th Congressional District, including affordable health care and good paying jobs. She stood in stark contrast to her opponent, Congressman Steve Knight, whose voting record and views on important economic issues were grossly out-of-touch with his constituents.

HMP started an accountability program in the summer of 2017 to soften up Republican incumbents, including Steve Knight in CA-25. This program included a mobile billboard tour and rally with over 40 local activists, and a digital ad tying Steve Knight to Paul Ryan and his toxic agenda – raising taxes on the middle class while giving massive tax cuts to the ultra-rich.

In the late-summer and fall of 2018, HMP launched two TV ads, on cable in the Los Angeles media market, which used Steve Knight’s own words, including calling Social Security “a bad idea,” to spotlight just how out-of-touch his views were with the district on kitchen-table economic issues.

HMP worked together with VoteVets to develop and produce a TV ad in the Los Angeles media market that featured a veteran highlighting the contrast between Katie Hill and Steve Knight’s record – opposing infrastructure jobs and calling Social Security “a bad idea.”

HMP also partnered with Priorities USA Action on a digital program that highlighted Knight’s support for the GOP tax plan and Congressional Republicans’ plans to make deep cuts to Medicare and Social Security in order to pay for it. Additionally, HMP partnered with health care activist Ady Barkan and Be A Hero PAC – running two digital ads that highlighted the detrimental health care impacts of Knight’s vote for the tax bill – specifically leaving millions more uninsured and increasing costs.

As well, HMP’s campaign in CA-25 included a multi-piece direct mail program.

HMP spent the following in CA-25: $2,093,526

HMP and partner investments combined totaled the following in CA-25: $10,878,832.48

HMP aired the following TV ads in CA-25:  

Bad Idea


VoteVets aired the following TV ad in CA-25:  


HMP ran the following digital ads in CA-25:

Steve Knight is Another Paul Ryan Pawn


Rachael for Katie Hill

Ady vs Steve Knight