Can one vote threaten an entrenched Republican? Democrats will try to find out

June 18, 2018

Democrats know they’ll need more than President Donald Trump to defeat an incumbent like Jeff Denham.

To understand the party’s real plan of attack in this Central Valley California district, go back to April 2017, to a town hall meeting teeming with a thousand angry activists. The now 50-year-old Denham, built like a hockey player and wearing a microphone clipped to his sport coat, was trying to explain his position on a GOP health care bill that would partially repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The event was contentious. Audience members who interrupted him — and they interrupted him frequently — held pieces of paper with their zip code written on it, to prove they were constituents, not out-of-town agitators.

From McClatchy, on June 18, 2018

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