CO-06: House Majority PAC Congratulates Jason Crow

November 7, 2018

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC congratulates Representative-Elect Jason Crow on his victory in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District.

“Voters saw through Mike Coffman and the façade he’s put on in Colorado – to his record in Washington of voting against hardworking families and in favor of special interests,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Charlie Kelly. “Coloradans chose Jason Crow, who represents a new generation of leadership and will do a tremendous job serving our country once again. House Majority PAC is proud to have played a role in helping elect Jason Crow. Crow will go to Congress and work for commonsense gun safety reform, to expand health care, and to grow the economy.”

CO-06 had been a top-tier targeted race for several consecutive cycles, but it presented a renewed opportunity this year for Democrats with an increasingly favorable political environment in the suburbs due to President Trump’s unpopularity, a strong candidate in Army veteran Jason Crow, as well as Mike Coffman’s failure to live up to his promise of being an independent voice for this increasingly diverse district.

HMP ran a comprehensive campaign that included digital ads, a TV ad, and a direct mail program. The TV ad highlighted Mike Coffman’s record as a career politician, raising taxes on the middle class and increasing the national debt by $1.9 trillion, while taking big money from special interests. HMP partnered with CHC BOLD PAC on a digital ad slamming Coffman for offering nothing but false hope and empty promises to DREAMers and also partnered with Priorities USA Action on a major digital campaign that showcased Coffman’s vote for the GOP tax plan. Additionally, HMP partnered with Environmental Defense Fund Action on a thirteen-piece direct mail program that highlighted Mike Coffman’s extreme positions on the environment, women’s health, and guns.  

HMP spent the following in CO-06: $1,078,681

HMP and partner investments combined totaled the following in CO-06: $8,208,585  

HMP aired the following TV ad in CO-06:  


HMP ran the following digital ads in CO-06:

Mike Coffman’s Worst Holiday Gift

Broken Promises” & “Promesas Rotas