Colorado: Ad Hits Mike Coffman on Stem Cell Opposition

October 12, 2012

The pro-Democratic House Majority PAC today said it will begin airing an ad against Rep. Mike Coffman, a Republican who is in a tight race with challenger Joe Miklosi for Colorado’s 6th district.

The ad — which features a young-looking man, a little girl and a woman — urges voters to reject Coffman based on his opposition to embryonic stem cell research.

“Next summer, I’m going on a camping trip with my friends,” opens the young man. “On the way home, I’ll be in a car accident, and I’ll be paralyzed for the rest of my life.” 


The stark ad continues with the woman saying, “In 20 years, I’ll have Alzheimer’s. I won’t recognize my husband or my kids.”

The ad goes on to say that embryonic stem cell research could save lives — “maybe yours or your family’s or someone you love. Only Congressman Coffman says no. How come he gets to decide who lives and who dies?”

Owen Loftus, spokesman for Coffman’s re-election campaign, said that Democrats are resorting to name-calling and scare tactics. “This is just them attempting to change the subject,” Loftus said. “This is them trying to run away from the actual concerns of the people of Colorado, which is jobs and the economy.”

A press release about the ad says it begins running today and will run for two weeks in Denver as part of a “six figure” ad buy.