Dem group keeps up budget attacks

June 27, 2011

Washington (CNN) – Eight members of Congress are the targets of ads, released Monday by the Democratic House Majority PAC, that criticize their votes on the House GOP budget proposal.

The six-figure ad buy from the independent expenditure group will run through Thursday as Democrats continue to hit Republicans over tax and Medicare proposals in the budget of Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee. The House passed that budget this year.

“House Republicans voted to end Medicare as we know it, while forcing seniors to pay as much as $6,400 more a year for the same health care coverage,” Ali Lapp, the executive director of the House Majority PAC, said in a statement. “The House Majority PAC will continue holding Republicans accountable for their backwards priorities.”

According to the group, minute-long radio spots will run in the home districts of Arkansas Reps. Rick Crawford and Tim Griffin, Colorado Rep. Scott Tipton, Iowa Rep. Steve King, Illinois Rep. Bobby Schilling, New Hampshire Rep. Charlie Bass and Nevada Rep. Joe Heck. The ad against Minnesota Rep. Chip Cravaack will run on cable television.

After describing the votes and actions with which the group disagrees, the narrator rules, as if on a game show, saying “That’s sneaky Scott,” “I don’t know, Scott” and “Scott, what are you doing?” The example used against Rep. Tipton is similar to those against the other members.

This is the second round of ads in the last week for the group, established to help Democrats win back the House majority in 2012; it’s the third set of ads against Rep. Cravaack.

They hit the Minnesota congressman last week and in April over his support of the Ryan budget.