Democratic Group Highlights Health Care Fears In Republican Districts

July 21, 2017

A Democratic super PAC is taking aim at GOP representatives who voted for the House health care bill by highlighting their constituents’ health stories on a new website.

The House Majority PAC, which tries to help Democrats win seats in the House, contacted thousands of voters across 12 districts via live phone calls and received hundreds of responses. The campaign focuses on representatives who voted for the American Health Care Act, which the Congressional Budget Office estimated would lead to 24 million people losing coverage by 2026. Under its Senate counterpart, 22 million people would lose health coverage in that time. Both bills make deep cuts to the Medicaid program.

“I definitely feel that we need to have affordable medical care,” said one respondent from Michigan’s 8th District. “I actually myself just recently found out I have a cancerous brain tumor. And my husband doesn’t work. So it’s really important that we have some coverage to help us, and it has to be affordable.”

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From Huffington Post on July 11, 2017.