Democratic-oriented PAC buys TV ad criticizing U.S. Rep.Steve King

September 12, 2012

The House Majority PAC, a spending group formed by Democrats, said today it is making a “six-figure” advertising buy in the Des Moines and Sioux City television markets. The money will be spent on a new political commercial that criticizes U.S. Rep. Steve King, a five-term Republican being challenged by Democrat Christie Vilsack in northwest Iowa’s 4th congressional district.

The ad says King voted to cut college loans and Pell grants while siding with big banks that profit from student loans. The ad also claims King participated in junkets paid for by special interests and that he stuck taxpayers with a $1,300 monthly bill for a luxury sports utility vehicle.

“Steve King put himself ahead of us,” the ad says.

The House Majority PAC says it has invested heavily in the 4th District race. Over a four-week period in July and August, House Majority PAC says it partnered with AFSCME and SEIU to run two spots in Des Moines and Sioux City.

The King campaign has issued a statement in response to the TV ad:

“Christie Vilsack is again relying on Nancy Pelosi to distract voters in Iowa’s new 4th District from Vilsack’s strategy of ducking questions, offering vague policy platitudes and smearing Rep. King’s name. The truth is Rep. King owns and drives a 2005 SUV with over 200,000 miles that he paid for himself. As a grandfather of five and husband to a retired teacher, King understands and values a quality education. We’re not surprised Vilsack and Pelosi continue to attack. After all, Vilsack’s plan of layers and layers of government red tape and bureaucracy doesn’t sell in Iowa’s 4th District and is a recipe for disaster.”

The ad, titled “Babies,” can be viewed here: