Democratic Super PAC Ad Hits Congressman for Shutdown Vote

October 21, 2013

A Democratic super PAC hit the airwaves Monday with an ad attacking Rep. Steve Southerland II, criticizing the vulnerable Florida Republican for voting against last week’s bill that ended the government shutdown.

House Majority PAC, which aims to support House candidates, put $70,000 behind the two-week ad television buy.

When asked if the super PAC will expand this line of advertising against other House Republicans, spokesman Andy Stone replied, “No immediate plans, but without question it’ll be an issue in future paid communications against vulnerable Republicans.”

He added that Southerland is the only current target of the PAC who voted against the deal to reopen the government.

Southerland represents the Tallahassee-based 2nd District. Attorney Gwen Graham, daughter of former Sen. Bob Graham, is the most prominent Democrat running for the seat. Sheraised nearly $200,000 more than Southerland in the third quarter.

The race is rated Leans Republican by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.