Democratic super PAC launches TV ads against John Koster

September 18, 2012

A Democratic super PAC will begin airing TV ads against Republican John Koster in Seattle Tuesday, seeking to depict the Snohomish County councilman as an extremist and a menace to women’s rights.

The House Majority PAC is spending $380,000 on the two-week campaign, which will be broadcast on all network affiliate stations in Seattle. Koster is running for the 1st District seat against Democrat Suzan DelBene, a former Microsoft executive and state revenue director.

Titled “Under Attack,” the ad ties Koster to Republicans’ “radical agenda” to defund Planned Parenthood, to oppose most legal abortions and to block some insurers from providing contraceptive coverage.

The TV spot is part of a $1.3 million campaign being launched Tuesday in four states by the super PAC, an independent expenditure group that was formed to try win Democratic control of the House.

The other ads take on three incumbents: Rep. Bobby Schilling of Illinois for his “anti-middle class voting record”; Rep. Charlie Bass of of New Hampshire for his support for Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to remake Medicare; and Rep. Jim Renacci for voting for tax breaks for oil companies while he owned more than $700,000 in oil stock.