October 10, 2018

In an election where healthcare is primary issue, Steve Knight fails the Barkan litmus test

In the upcoming House election in California’s 25th Congressional District, Ady Barkan, the father with ALS who originally garnered national attention when he confronted Sen. Jeff Flake mid-flight with a plea to vote no on the tax bill, is partnering with the House Majority PAC on a new ad campaign to support Katie Hill.

Be A Hero: Rachael For Katie Hill

Be A Hero: Ady vs Steve Knight

“Katie Hill is one of us. She stood up as a hero and confronted Steve Knight when he voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Now she is running to send him a message that if he can’t do what his constituents want, we will replace him,” said Barkan. “I’m dying. But I can count on Katie to uphold my legacy and maintain a better future for my son and all Americans.”

“On the other hand, Republican Steve Knight can’t even look us in the face. He has voted to repeal the ACA multiple times, and he dismissed us when we spoke up in anger. He doesn’t want to listen to us, so we will do him a favor and vote him out. His time in office is long past due,” Barkan adds.

Rachael, Ady’s wife, joins him in one of the ads. The two live in California, and Rachael watched Ady being turned away from Knight’s office. “When we needed Medicare the most, Congress started destroying it to pay for tax cuts for billionaires. Here in California, I watched Ady beg Steve Knight to protect healthcare, and then I watched Steve Knight turn Ady away,” said King. “I’m an English teacher, not a politician. But this year, families like ours can’t afford to stay silent. That’s why Ady and I are asking you to vote for Katie Hill.”

“In Ady Barkan’s home state of California, he is boldly fighting for affordable, quality healthcare,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Charlie Kelly. “Congressman Steve Knight clearly isn’t working for Californians – voting for the toxic GOP tax bill that increases healthcare costs and leaves millions more uninsured. Ady Barkan and Rachael King are tirelessly advocating for families from coast to coast. We’re proud to partner with Ady and Rachael to make sure voters know about Knight’s disastrous voting record and help to elect Katie Hill who will be a champion for working families.”

“We all know that healthcare will be one of, if not, THE deciding issues this November, and who better than Ady Barkan to deliver that message.” said Liz Jaff, President of Be A Hero PAC, “Ady is dedicating his very limited time with his family to fight for Democrats across the country, he is using his heartbreaking story to ensure everyone gets out to vote this November 6th.”

A Santa Barbara resident, Barkan was kicked out of Rep. Steve Knight’s office along with 20 of his constituents, including veterans, who wanted to speak with him about healthcare in July. 

Barkan is also running ads in the current NJ-03 election as well. The last time Barkan got involved in running television advertisements was in the OH-12 special election which nearly took down Republican Troy Balderson, in a race that should never have been considered close.

Despite facing death and paralysis, Barkan is using his last days to challenge politicians to be a hero by standing up for access to affordable healthcare on behalf of the Be.A.Hero PAC. 

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