HMP Ad Exposes Multi-Millionaire Mills’ Misleading Makeover in MN-08

August 25, 2016

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC released a new ad in the race for Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District exposing Republican Stewart Mills’ real record of looking out for multi-millionaires like himself. The ad, titled “Still,” begins airing today in the Duluth and Minneapolis media markets as part of a new, approximately $350,000 buy.
“Still” can be viewed online here.
In addition to the new $350,000 buy, HMP has also previously reserved approximately $230,000 in the Duluth market targeting MN-08 and approximately $3 million in the Minneapolis market targeting MN-08, MN-02, and MN-03 for later this fall.
“After his first failed attempt to buy himself a Congressional seat, Stewart Mills is now spending his inherited millions on a misleading makeover,” said House Majority PAC Communications Director Jeb Fain. “Mills desperately wants hardworking Minnesotans to forget the out-of-touch candidate they rejected two years ago who called paying his fair share of taxes ‘personally offensive.’ House Majority PAC will be reminding voters that Stewart Mills is still the same self-interested multi-millionaire, still standing for the same self-interested policies.”