HMP Ad In TX-23 – Hurd Social Security Plan “A Betrayal”

October 23, 2014

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC today announced the release of the following television ad:

District: TX-23

Title: “Looking Forward”


Media market(s): San Antonio broadcast

Start date: 10/24/2014

Amount*: $27,186 for the remainder of this week ending 10/27.

“Texans have worked hard and paid into Social Security all their lives.  Will Hurd would raise the retirement age and is supported by those who want to phase out Social Security altogether,” said Matt Thornton, Communications Director for House Majority PAC. “Voters need to know about Will Hurd’s dangerous agenda.”

*Amounts are given in weekly increments and do not denote the total amount to be spent to air an ad for its full run.