HMP Announces $51 Million in 2020 TV Reservations

April 6, 2020

Initial reservations prioritize expensive and crowded Presidential and Senate markets

HMP makes earliest and largest ever digital ad reservations, with over $4.6 million requested

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC announced that it is reserving $51 million for television ads in 29 markets to run in the final weeks of the election cycle. In this initial flight of ad reservations, HMP is prioritizing television markets that will be most crowded and expensive as a result of the presidential election and competitive Senate races, allowing the organization to lock in lowest ad rates as early as possible. In 2018, HMP’s initial ad reservations totaled $43 million. 

In addition to television reservations, HMP has started placing digital advertising reservations, placing a major emphasis on premium, non-skippable inventory. While not all platforms are accepting reservations at this time, HMP has already requested to book $4.6 million in digital ads. The eight-figure digital investment is the largest in HMP’s history and this is the earliest HMP has invested in digital advertising. 

These reservations represent an initial list of markets where House Majority PAC may spend this cycle. Additional reservations and changes may be made as campaigns and races develop.   

“Under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats have consistently put America’s families first–delivering on promises to protect access to affordable health care, reduce the cost of prescription drugs and most recently working to provide economic relief and affordable care for families hit hardest by the COVID-19 virus,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Abby Curran Horrell. “While Republicans continue working to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and protect tax breaks for the wealthiest few or bailouts for corporations that don’t pay their fair share, it’s more important than ever to keep the Democratic House Majority. The 2020 election will be unlike any before it, presenting unique challenges and circumstances that make it even more important for our organization to take early steps that enable us to protect and expand the House Majority.”    

The list of reservations is outlined below by designated market area. Reservation amounts include broadcast and cable.