HMP Congratulates Conor Lamb in PA-18

March 14, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority PAC congratulated Representative-Elect Conor Lamb on his victory in the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. 

“Congratulations to Representative-Elect Conor Lamb on an historic victory,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Charlie Kelly. “There’s no doubt, this was about as uphill a battle as they come, but the Marine was clearly up to the task. With an impressive resume and a campaign focused on commonsense economic solutions, Lamb offered voters a real choice against Republican Rick Saccone and his record of looking out for himself as an Harrisburg politician. The fact that Lamb achieved his victory in a district that Trump won by 20 points and against a flood of frantic GOP spending, proves that Democrats can win everywhere. Republicans are and should be panicking. From trying to repeal health care to their disastrous tax bill, no one’s buying what they’re selling, and this election has shown that the House battleground map is only expanding. House Majority PAC is proud to have partnered with VoteVets to play a part in supporting Lamb’s victory.” 

House Majority PAC began polling PA-18 in early January and found Lamb down six points and having a possible but very narrow path to victory. Other factors were unfavorable to Democrats including a majority-approval rating for Donald Trump. With House Majority PAC’s internal polling showing the race tightening to two points and then just one point by late February and Lamb and his campaign clearly having accomplished the once seemingly near-impossible task of putting him well within striking distance of a win, HMP reached out to longtime ally VoteVets. The groups, which have worked together in several competitive Congressional races in past cycles, decided to partner again to take action and help ensure a Lamb victory. 

HMP and VoteVets worked together to develop and produce an ad, titled “Look Closely” that would contrast Lamb’s record of service as a Marine veteran and former prosecutor with Saccone’s record of self-grift as a self-serving career Harrisburg politician.

VoteVets launched “Look Closely” in PA-18 with an approximately $350,000 investment including a broadcast and cable buy in the Pittsburgh media market that begin on March 5 and ran through Election Day.