HMP Launches Health Care Ads in MI-08 and MI-11

October 9, 2018

Washington, DC – Today, House Majority PAC launched two new TV ads in MI-08 and MI-11. HMP is spending a total of approximately $1.4 million across both districts with ads airing in the Detroit media market and the Lansing media market.

“Congressman Mike Bishop and Lena Epstein have made it clear that they won’t put Michiganders first,” said House Majority PAC Press Secretary Hannah Blatt. “Whether in Congress or business, Bishop and Epstein have spent their careers looking out for themselves. It’s no surprise that they’re siding with their party’s disastrous economic agenda – supporting higher health care costs and making it harder for middle-class families to get by. Michigan voters know the truth: they can’t count on Mike Bishop or Lena Epstein to fight for their families.”

From the state Senate to a lobbying firm to Congress, Bishop has served himself and special interests. He took over $200,000 from insurance interests and voted for a disastrous health care bill that hurts hardworking families. The bill would take away health care coverage from 23 million Americans, gut protections for people living with pre-existing conditions, and impose a devastating “Age Tax” on older Michiganders. According to AARP, the “Age Tax” would allow insurance companies to charge people aged 50-64 up to five times more than younger consumers.

Doors” begins running on cable and broadcast today in the Lansing media market. “That Same Year,” which previously aired in the Lansing media market beginning on September 4th, will be on cable and broadcast starting today in the Detroit media market. The total buy behind both ads in MI-08 is approximately $885,000.

Lena Epstein is a clear party-line vote for the Republican agenda that hurts Michiganders. She supports a health care plan that guts protections for people with pre-existing conditions like asthma, cancer and diabetes, and supports a punishing “Age Tax” on older Americans.

Work For” begins running on broadcast today in the Detroit media market with a buy of approximately $544,000 behind it.