HMP Launches New Ads in More than a Dozen House Races

October 25, 2016

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC released new ads in more than a dozen House races across the country. The new ads begin airing today in AZ-01, CO-03, FL-26, MI-01, MI-07, MN-08, MT-AL, NE-02, NJ-05, NV-04, NY-24, TX-23, and UT-04. The ads highlight the Republican Members’ and candidates’ out-of-touch records with their districts.
AZ-01 – “Abusive” uses real news reports to hold Republican Paul Babeu accountable for running a boarding school accused of physical and sexual abuse. Babeu even bragged about the school’s abusive practices in a home video. The ad will air on broadcast, cable, and digital platforms in the Phoenix media market. 
Watch “Abusive” online here.
CO-03 – HMP’s second ad in CO-03, “Agent,” continues taking Congressman Scott Tipton to task for selling out Colorado’s families and small businesses to benefit his campaign’s out-of-state financial backers. Tipton sponsored a bill to give away Colorado lands to his big donors – threatening the state’s vital outdoor recreation industry. The ad also highlights Democratic nominee and state Senator Gail Schwartz’s commitment to protecting Colorado’s public lands. The ad is airing on broadcast, cable, and digital platforms in the Colorado Springs, Denver, and Grand Junction media markets.
Watch “Agent” online here.
FL-26 –  HMP is airing “Señales,” a Spanish-language version of its previous English-language ad “Signs.” The ad highlights the dangerous agenda shared by Donald Trump and his ticket-mate – Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo. Both Curbelo and Trump want to defund Planned Parenthood, and both have called Social Security “a Ponzi scheme.” “Señales,” is airing on Spanish-language stations in the Miami media market as well as on digital platforms.
Click here to view “Señales” online as well as for a transcript with English translation.
MI-01 – “Certain Jobs” lets voters hear just how out-of-touch Jack Bergman is – in his own words – with voters in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula when it comes to jobs and trade deals. Bergman even said, “There are certain jobs that, whether we like it or not, will be better performed somewhere outside of our country.” The ad is airing on broadcast and cable across the district.
Watch “Certain Jobs” online here.
MI-07 – “Wrong” holds Republican Congressman Tim Walberg accountable for being out-of-touch with his district on jobs and trade. Walberg voted for every single trade deal since he’s been in Congress and voted to give tax breaks to special interests outsourcing Michigan jobs. The ad is airing on broadcast and digital platforms in the Lansing media market.
Watch “Wrong” online here.
MN-08 – “Surprised” presents the choice for MN-08 voters between the two candidates on the economy. Republican nominee Stewart Mills said behind closed doors that he supports trade deals – deals which would help millionaires like him but hurt hard-working families in MN-08. In contrast, Democratic Congressman Rick Nolan has earned the support of Minnesota Steelworkers, and Nolan has introduced “Buy American Steel” legislation to help protect Minnesota workers. The spot is airing on broadcast and cable in the district.
Watch “Surprised” online here.  
MT-AL – “La Scala” shows how Republican Congressman Ryan Zinke has been too interested in himself to focus on the needs of Montana families. In fact, Zinke’s focus on himself even goes all the way back to his 2014 campaign for Congress when he spent two months on a self-promotional tour of the country. After arriving in Washington, Zinke boasted he might run for Speaker, and earlier this year decided he’d rather be Trump’s Vice President instead. “La Scala” is running on broadcast and cable in media markets across the state.
Watch “La Scala” online here.
NE-02 – “Struggled” emphasizes how Don Bacon would be a part of the same, old Washington gridlock instead of demonstrating the independence Nebraskans value. Bacon struggled to name positions where he disagreed with Congressional Republicans when questioned during a debate. The ad also reminds voters of Bacon’s harmful plans to raise the retirement age for Social Security and Medicare. The ad is airing on broadcast stations in the Omaha media market.   
Watch “Struggled” online here.
NJ-05 –  HMP’s third ad in NJ-05 underscores how anti-LGBT bigot and Republican Congressman Scott Garrett is so extreme that he has repeatedly been the only New Jersey Representative to side with the far-right fringe of his party on multiple issues. Garrett was the only New Jersey Congressman to vote against health care for 9/11 responders, the only New Jersey Congressman to vote against banning the Confederate flag from military cemeteries, and the only New Jersey Congressman who didn’t support relief funds for victims when Hurricane Sandy hit. The ad, titled “Lonely,” is airing on cable across NJ-05.
Watch “Lonely” online here.
NV-04 – “Moon” spotlights the choice facing voters in NV-04 this election. Republican Congressman Cresent Hardy said he’d support Donald Trump “100%,” even after Trump had repeatedly made demeaning statements about women. In contrast, Democrat Ruben Kihuen pushed to crack down on employers who knowingly pay women less than men in Nevada and is committed to protecting a woman’s right to choose. “Moon” is airing on broadcast, cable, and digital platforms in the Las Vegas media market.
Watch “Moon” online here.
NY-24 –  HMP’s new ad in NY-24 holds Republican Congressman John Katko accountable for his lack of principles when it comes to his ticket-mate Donald Trump. Unlike 50 Republican former National Security Officials who warned that Donald Trump is dangerous and would put the country at risk, Katko once claimed that Trump “wants to keep the country safe.” Katko has even said that Trump “has a lot of good principles.” The ad, titled “Principles,” is airing on broadcast in the Syracuse media market.
Watch “Principles” online here.
TX-23 –  HMP begins airing two new ads in TX-23 today. “Serve” features Texas veterans giving a voice to the impact of Hurd putting party over principle in Washington. Hurd’s ticket-mate Donald Trump insulted veterans, and even worse Hurd voted to underfund veterans’ health care and job training programs.
“Just Can’t” holds Will Hurd responsible for being a part of the Republican mess that enabled Trump’s rise as their party’s nominee even as he demeaned countless Americans.
Both ads are airing on broadcast in the San Antonio media market. 
Watch “Serve” online here.
Watch “Just Can’t” online here.
UT-04 – “Lavish” shines a spotlight on Congresswoman Mia Love’s time in office spent putting herself before Utah. In particular, the ad focuses on how Love improperly charged taxpayers for cross-country travel to attend a DC party and voted against a bipartisan education bill because she apparently didn’t have time to read it. The ad is airing on broadcast, cable, and digital platforms in the Salt Lake City media market.
Watch “Lavish” online here.