HMP Places First Round of 2016 TV Reservations

March 30, 2016

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC announced that it has placed its first round of television reservations for the final weeks of the 2016 election cycle in eight media markets. The first fall reservations total nearly $7.5 million and allow the organization to lock in rates early in competitive media markets. HMP ended up spending in over 50 races both in 2014 and in 2012.  

Today’s announcement also marks the earliest point in a cycle that HMP has reserved for the final weeks of an election. In 2012 HMP placed its initial reservations in July, and in 2014 HMP placed its initial reservations in mid-April. 

“House Majority PAC is once again making sure that our dollars go further by locking in rates early,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Alixandria Lapp. “Democrats have numerous pick-up opportunities nationwide, and the Republican party is in disarray from the top of the ticket to the bottom. We can expect an onslaught of desperate, negative attacks from the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, and other GOP groups. With these early reservations, we’re taking a first step in ensuring that House Majority PAC is prepared to counter the GOP’s outside groups this fall and help elect Democrats across the country.”    

These first reservations represent only an initial list of markets where House Majority PAC may spend this cycle. Additional reservations are expected in the coming weeks and months and changes may be made as campaigns and races develop.   

The list of initial reservations by designated market area is as follows:

Denver, CO: $1,104,036

West Palm Beach, FL: $901,770

Cedar Rapids, IA: $316,217

Des Moines, IA: $312,930

Las Vegas, NV: $3,030,825

Manchester, NH: $471,675

New York City, NY: $544,712

Philadelphia, PA: $730,193

Reservation amounts include broadcast and cable.