HMP Releases New Ad in ME-02

October 26, 2016

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC released the group’s newest ad in ME-02, titled “Wall Street Way.” The ad continues the drumbeat against Republican Congressman and Wall Street multi-millionaire Bruce Poliquin for his record of looking out for himself instead of everyday Mainers. The ad focuses in particular on how Poliquin abused a tax loophole designed to help tree growers – paying just $21 in taxes one year on his ocean-front property worth nearly $2 million.
“Wall Street Way” can be viewed online here.
“From Wall Street to Maine to Washington, Congressman Poliquin’s record has at least been consistent – looking out for himself at the expense of everyday Mainers,” said House Majority PAC Communications Director Jeb Fain. “Doing things the ‘Wall Street Way’ has worked out well for Poliquin, but Maine families have paid the price.”
The ad begins airing on TV today in ME-02.