HMP Releases New Ads in Six Districts

October 4, 2016

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC began airing six new ads targeting Republican candidates in FL-13, ME-02, MI-01, MN-02, MN-08, and NE-02 – holding each one of them accountable for their extreme and out-of-touch records.
FL-13 – “Cost” holds Republican Congressman David Jolly accountable for taking thousands in campaign contributions from Duke Energy and doing nothing to stop them collecting from hardworking Florida families for a power plant that could never be built. The ad features a St. Petersburg couple who’ve faced increasing energy prices due to the “Duke Utility Tax” – which is costing Florida families $108 million a year.“Cost” is airing on broadcast and cable as well as digital platforms in the Tampa Bay media market.
Watch “Cost” online here.
ME-02 – “Logger” takes Republican Congressman and Wall Street millionaire Bruce Poliquin to task for abusing a program to help tree growers in order to avoid paying taxes on his oceanfront property – worth nearly $2 million. The ad is airing in the Bangor and Portland media markets on broadcast and cable as well as digital platforms.
Watch “Logger” online here.
MI-01 – HMP’s first ad in MI-01 underscores just how out-of-touch Republican nominee Jack Bergman is with families in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Bergan said he “fell in love with New Orleans” but seems to have little love for Michigan – owning a home in Louisiana where he’s already said he plans to retire.  Two versions of the spot, titled “Ragin” and “NOLA” are airing on broadcast TV in the Traverse City and Marquette media markets, respectively.
Watch “Ragin” online here.

Watch “NOLA” online here.
MN-02 – As previously announced, HMP and AFT Solidarity are airing “Worst of All,” in the Minneapolis media market on broadcast, cable, and digital platforms. “Worst of All” holds Republican nominee Jason Lewis accountable for his atrocious and offensive rhetoric including statements defending slavery and demeaning women.
Watch “Worst of All” online here.
MN-08 – “Willing” reveals just how out-of-touch Republican nominee Stewart Mills is when it comes to the needs of hardworking Minnesota seniors and families. Mills is willing to privatize Social Security, raise the retirement age, and cut benefits, but thinks it’s “personally offensive” when multi-millionaires like himself are called out for not paying their fair share of taxes. The spot is airing on broadcast, cable, and digital platforms in the Minneapolis and Duluth media markets.
Watch “Willing” online here.
NE-02 – “Planners” focuses on how Republican nominee Don Bacon wants to raise the retirement age for Social Security. In the spot, an Omaha couple describe the personal impact that raising the retirement age, as Bacon wants, would have on them and other hard-working families who’ve paid into Social Security their whole lives. The ad is airing on broadcast, cable, and digital platforms in the Omaha media market.
Watch “Planners” online here.