HMP Releases New Spanish-Language Spot in CA-21

October 11, 2016

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC released a new Spanish-language spot presenting the choice for voters in CA-21. The ad, titled “De Mamá,”highlights Democrat Emilio Huerta’s record of fighting for the rights of farm workers and other hard-working families – values he learned from his mother – legendary labor and civil rights leader Dolores Huerta. 
“De Mamá” can be viewed online here. 
“For Emilio Huerta, the values of dignity and respect clearly run deep,” said House Majority PAC Communications Director Jeb Fain. “Like his mother, Emilio Huerta is a tremendous fighter for hard-working families. His proven commitment to improving opportunity in the Central Valley’s communities stands in clear contrast to the Trump/Valadao ticket’s anti-education agenda.”   
HMP is airing “De Mamá,” starting today, on Spanish-language stations in the district as well as digital platforms.
A transcript of “De Mamá,” with English translation is available below.
De su mamá aprendió que todo humano es digno, y merece respeto.
From his mother he learned that all humans are deserving of dignity and respect.
El hijo de Dolores Huerta, Emilio, hoy sigue la lucha por los derechos de campesinos y familias trabajadoras.
The son of Dolores Huerta, Emilio, today continues the fight for the rights of farm workers and working families.
Mientras Donald Trump nos insulta, y su compadre, el Congresista Republicano Valadao, votó para cortar fondos para la educación de nuestros hijos…
While Donald Trump insults us, and his compadre, Republican Congressman Valadao voted to cut funding for our children’s education…
Emilio Huerta ha estado de nuestro lado.
Emilio Huerta has been by our side.
Por la educación, empleos, y cuidado medico…
Emilio Huerta.
For education, jobs, and health care…
Emilio Huerta.