HMP Statement on House Republicans’ Reaction to Latest Trump Revelations

October 8, 2016

House Majority PAC Executive Director Alixandria Lapp released the following statement regarding House Republicans’ empty responses to the latest revelations of Donald Trump’s misogyny:
“There’s a direct line from House Republicans’ extreme rhetoric and agenda over the past eight years to Donald Trump as their party’s presidential nominee today. For the past eight years, House Republicans have questioned President Obama’s patriotism and even his citizenship. They’ve used rhetoric and promoted an agenda that’s been outright divisive for our country. And over the past year, they’ve supported and stood by a candidate for president who has again and again demeaned Latinos, Muslims, women and countless other Americans. They’ve nominated a man for president who has repeatedly proven himself too divisive and too dangerous to lead our great nation.
“Today, amidst a media firestorm, many House Republicans are frantically trying to feign distance between their own campaigns and the imploding campaign of their presidential ticket-mate. Their recent statements are too little, too late. The latest example of Trump’s misogyny is a new low even for him, but far from a first. Simply denouncing Trump isn’t enough. Calling for Mike Pence, whose own political career has been defined by anti-women and anti-LGBT policies, to replace Trump certainly doesn’t cut it either. Actions speak louder than words. Unless House Republicans plan on voting for Hillary Clinton for president, they are actively continuing to enable Donald Trump and all that he represents.”