HMP Statement on OH-12 Special Election

August 8, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority PAC released the following statement regarding the current narrow margin in the OH-12 special election: 

“While votes are still being counted and a final result is still to be determined, what’s clear is that Danny O’Connor has managed to achieve what once seemed impossible by putting into contention a deep red district with deep Republican roots,” said House Majority PAC Executive Director Charlie Kelly. “Republicans have held this seat for over 30 years. It shouldn’t even be close. The fact that it stands on a razor’s edge – is a credit to O’Connor’s grassroots campaign and to the energy that Democrats are seeing all across the country. And the fact that Republicans have near abandoned talking about what they once touted as the signature policy proposals that would save them – health care and taxes – even in what should be an easy to win district for their party – has only exposed their economic agenda as a total disaster. After spending millions struggling just to hang on in OH-12, Republicans should be terrified. Whatever the final result in this special election, the battlefield next expands nationwide to a map that includes dozens of Republican-held seats with far more competitive landscapes.”