HMP Statement on Paul Ryan’s Retirement

April 11, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority PAC Executive Director Charlie Kelly issued the following statement regarding Paul Ryan’s retirement.

“Deciding to call it quits and not run for re-election clearly shows that Paul Ryan just can’t stomach a tough race or a tough cycle as he joins the ranks of a growing wave of Republican retirements. Even without Ryan on the ballot in Wisconsin this November, make no mistake – Ryan’s agenda is going to be on the ballot in every district in the country. From a healthcare bill that unfairly punishes older Americans by imposing an ‘Age Tax,’ to a tax bill that overwhelmingly benefits the ultra-wealthy at the expense of the middle class, to a clearly stated intention to cut Medicare – Ryan’s agenda is absolutely toxic, and Republicans are stuck with it. Voters are engaged and energized in an unprecedented way. Ryan can slink away, but Republican candidates can’t escape his disastrous legacy.”

 For months, HMP has slammed Paul Ryan and his toxic agenda in a sustained media campaign:

In October, HMP launched a digital ad along with a website that highlights just how out-of-touch Paul Ryan is with hardworking Americans. It’s clear his agenda aims to help millionaires and billionaires, instead of middle-class families across the country.

In November, HMP launched digital ads in CA-25, IA-01, ME-02, MI-08, and MN-02 slamming those GOP Members of Congress for lining up behind Paul Ryan and his toxic agenda. The ad specifically highlights their vote for the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which would cut taxes for the ultra-rich while imposing a terrible “Age Tax” on people 50 to 64, who would be charged up to five times more than younger consumers. 

In December, HMP launched digital ads in CO-06, IL-06, PA-06, TX-07, and TX-23 slamming those GOP Members of Congress for lining up behind Paul Ryan and his toxic tax scam. The ad specifically focuses on how the tax scheme gives massive tax cuts to the ultra-rich while raising taxes on hardworking families.

In March, HMP launched a national ad exposing Paul Ryan for being a fancy Washington politician who puts special interests ahead of hardworking middle-class families.