HMP Statement on the State of the Union

January 31, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – Following tonight’s State of the Union address, House Majority PAC Communications Director Jeb Fain issued the following statement:

“While America’s worst-ever president was center stage at the State of the Union tonight, it was the Speaker sitting behind him who’ll pay the price for the GOP’s disastrous agenda this fall. From health care to taxes, President Trump and Speaker Ryan have spent the past year advancing toxic policies that put the ultra-wealthy ahead of the middle class. Donald Trump is strongly disliked as president, but through his failed, weak leadership, Paul Ryan has managed the incredible feat of making himself the single most unpopular political figure in the country. Ryan, Trump, and the policies they’ve pushed will drag down House Republicans across the country in November.”

Earlier today, House Majority PAC released a memo with polling detailing Speaker Ryan’s deep unpopularity in swing districts across the country.