HMP Statement on TrumpCare Vote

May 4, 2017

Statement from Charlie Kelly – House Majority PAC Executive Director:

“This is proof positive that House Republicans have been taken over by right-wing extremists solely focused on destroying critical programs that provide people across the country with the security and services they’ve earned and deserve.

Today, House Republicans made a final and dangerous move to pass the American Health Care Act, a bill that is catastrophic for millions of Americans. The fact that Republicans were willing to play politics with health care – pushing a plan where 24 million Americans will lose coverage, imposing an age tax on seniors where they can be charged five times more for their health care, and those with preexisting conditions can be kicked-off their insurance or disqualified from health care coverage – is appalling.

At a time when House Republicans had the opportunity to show real leadership and govern – they failed. The American people will not forget this shameless move, and House Republicans will pay a heavy price in elections across the country next fall.”