House Majority PAC and SEIU Partner to Make Substantial Fall TV Ad Reservations

July 2, 2012

HMP and SEIU Partner Reserve Almost $20 Million Covering 38 Television Markets

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Majority PAC and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced that they are reserving nearly $20 million of television ad time in 38 markets. The ad buys, $16 million by House Majority PAC and $3.7 million by the 2.1 million member SEIU, will cover at least 47 competitive Congressional districts nationwide. In 15 of those markets, House Majority PAC is partnering with SEIU either to share the cost of advertising or to plan back-to-back reservations.

This is the first stage of airtime reservations in House Majority PAC’s fall paid media strategy and a continuation of SEIU’s voter contact program which, in recent weeks, included the launch of the union’s largest and most-targeted political field campaign in the union’s 91-year history.

“From day one, House Republicans have pursued an agenda that is extreme and out of touch – and House Majority PAC will be on TV to hold them accountable,” said Alixandria Lapp, executive director of House Majority PAC. “Partnering with SEIU allows us to be more successful by effectively leveraging every dollar we spend.”

“SEIU members across the country are working hard to inform voters about where candidates stand on key issues facing working families, and to elect candidates up and down the ballot who will fight for working families,” said SEIU National Political Director Brandon Davis. “This partnership with House Majority PAC will ensure that the work being done by SEIU member volunteers at the doors, on the phones and in the neighborhoods is backed up by a vigorous paid media campaign. Our members want to make sure the voice of the hardworking men and women who keep America running is heard and the steps we are taking today will help ensure that happens.”

Reserving ad time early allows House Majority PAC and SEIU to lock in lower advertising rates, saving millions of dollars. “The Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and Karl Rove have deep pockets, but House Majority PAC has a proven ability to spend efficiently and effectively and win races – just like in the NY-26 and AZ-08 specials when we won despite being outspent by Republican groups,” said Lapp.

The following is the list of markets in which House Majority PAC and SEIU are reserving time along with the approximate size of the reservation for this first round.

Augusta – $210,000 (House Majority PAC)

Boston (Manchester) – $1,800,000 (House Majority PAC)

Buffalo – $205,000 (House Majority PAC)

Charleston – $142,000 (House Majority PAC)

Chicago – $1,600,000 (House Majority PAC); $800,000 (reserved jointly by House Majority PAC and SEIU)

Cleveland – $908,000 (House Majority PAC); $454,000 (SEIU)

Davenport-Rock Island-Moline – $185,000 (SEIU)

Denver – $468,000 (House Majority PAC)

Des Moines – $552,000 (House Majority PAC); $138,000 (SEIU)

Green Bay – $138,000 (House Majority PAC); $138,000 (SEIU)

Las Vegas – $308,000 (House Majority PAC)

Marquette – $116,000 (House Majority PAC); $58,000 (SEIU)

Miami – $571,000 (reserved jointly by House Majority PAC and SEIU)

Minneapolis–St. Paul – $594,000 (House Majority PAC); $295,000 (SEIU)

Norfolk – $278,000 (House Majority PAC); $139,000 (SEIU)

Omaha – $306,400 (House Majority PAC)

Orlando – $440,000 (reserved jointly by House Majority PAC and SEIU)

Panama City – $39,000 (House Majority PAC)

Peoria – $252,000 (House Majority PAC)

Philadelphia – $599,200 (House Majority PAC)

Phoenix – $952,000 (House Majority PAC)

Pittsburgh – $736,000 (House Majority PAC); $294,400 (SEIU)

Raleigh-Durham – $378,000 (House Majority PAC)

Rockford – $232,000 (House Majority PAC)

Sacramento – $999,600 (House Majority PAC); $488,000 (SEIU)

Savannah – $225,000 (House Majority PAC)

Seattle – $800,000 (House Majority PAC)

Sioux City – $158,000 (House Majority PAC); $79,000 (SEIU)

St. Louis – $575,000 (House Majority PAC)

Tallahassee – $76,200 (House Majority PAC)

Tampa-St. Petersburg – $330,000 (reserved jointly by House Majority PAC and SEIU)

Traverse City – $258,000 (House Majority PAC); $129,000 (SEIU)

Tucson – $330,000 (House Majority PAC)

Wausau – $200,000 (House Majority PAC); $100,000 (SEIU)

West Palm Beach – $252,000 (House Majority PAC); $126,000 (SEIU)

Wilmington – $127,000 (House Majority PAC)

Wheeling-Steubenville – $33,700 (House Majority PAC)

Youngstown – $107,000 (House Majority PAC)