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House Majority PAC Announces $186 Million in 2024 TV and Digital Reservations

April 7, 2024

Initial Round of Reservations to Prioritize Crowded Presidential and Senate States

Largest Ever Early Investment of TV and Digital in HMP History

Washington D.C. – House Majority PAC is placing over $186 million in initial television and digital reservations for the 2024 election cycle across 58 markets. These initial reservations are the largest ever in House Majority PAC’s history and allow HMP to prioritize expensive and crowded markets by locking in the lowest rates as early as possible.

House Majority PAC’s initial television reservation for 2024 totals over $146 million, while the digital reservation totals $40 million – over two-and-a-half times larger than last cycle. In 2022, House Majority PAC’s initial ad reservations totaled $101.8 million and in 2020, the reservations totaled $51 million. 

“House Republicans have done nothing but sell out the American people while creating chaos, and we are holding them accountable for their anti-American extremist policies and agenda.” HMP President Mike Smith said. “Through these historic television and digital reservations, House Majority PAC has made it clear that we are ready to do whatever it takes to flip the House and elect Hakeem Jeffries the next Speaker of the House.”​

These reservations represent an initial list of markets where House Majority PAC may spend this cycle. The list of reservations includes broadcast and is outlined below by designated market area.