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House Majority PAC Announces $35 Million Battleground California Fund

April 11, 2023

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC is announcing a $35 million Battleground California Fund program for the 2024 election cycle. In 2022, Democrats across the nation defied a “Red Wave” – instead of losing 30-40 seats, House Democrats outperformed expectations and won nearly every toss up race in the country. 

One of the few exceptions to this historic year was California, where House Democrats lost 5 seats that President Biden won in 2020. Despite that, a Democratic resurgence in California represents one of House Democrats’ best paths back to the Majority. The math is clear:

House Majority PAC has put together an all-of-the-above plan to flip House seats in California including, but not limited to:

HMP is expected to be the largest outside investor in California Democratic campaigns in 2024. The estimated cost of our aggressive program is $35 million. While much of that spending will occur in 2024, we must begin investing today in messaging, research, and Republican accountability campaigns to ensure we are in the best possible position to win next November. In 2022, the House GOP’s main outside Super PAC invested nearly $33 million in California alone. To win back the House, Democrats must be prepared to match or exceed that level of investment.