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House Majority PAC Announces $45 Million New York Fund

February 22, 2023

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC is announcing a $45 million New York Fund program for the 2024 election cycle. In 2022, Democrats across the nation defied a “Red Wave” – instead of losing 30-40 seats, House Democrats outperformed expectations and won nearly every toss up race in the country. One of the few exceptions to this historic year was New York.

Despite 2022’s disappointment, a Democratic resurgence in New York represents House Democrats’ best path to the Majority. The math is clear: 

House Majority PAC has put together an all-of-the-above plan to flip House seats in New York including, but not limited to:

The goal is to define freshmen Republican Members before they can define themselves, and that starts with battlefield polling and focus groups to determine Democrats’ most effective messaging and position House Democrats for victory next year. 

While $45 million would be a record investment on the House ballot for one state, New York is an incredibly expensive state in which to communicate. Because it is not a Presidential or Senate battleground, New York lacks top of the ticket investment to drive the Democratic message and turnout Democratic voters. House Majority PAC will be the largest investor in New York Democratic campaigns in 2024, and we will flip these New York districts blue and take back the House.