House Majority PAC Announces Ad Offensive Against House Republicans for Ending Medicare as We Know It

June 27, 2011

Today the House Majority PAC is announcing the launch of a paid advertising blitz against eight House Republicans for their votes to essentially end Medicare and increase the national debt by providing $200,000 tax breaks for millionaires.

“House Republicans like to talk about reducing the debt but the budget they voted for provides a trillion dollars in budget-busting tax breaks for the wealthy,” said Ali Lapp, Executive Director of the House Majority PAC. “Even worse, House Republicans voted to end Medicare as we know it, while forcing seniors to pay as much as $6400 more a year for the same health care coverage. The House Majority PAC will continue holding Republicans accountable for their backwards priorities.”

The new ad offensive runs through June 30th. It will target the following districts:

AR-01 Rick Crawford
AR-02 Tim Griffin
CO-03 Scott Tipton
IA-04 Steve King
IL-17 Bobby Schilling
MN-08 Chip Cravaack*
NH-02 Charlie Bass
NV-03 Joe Heck

*The ad running against Chip Cravaack is a cable television spot.

An example of one of the 60-second radio ads follows:

Below is a transcript of the ad.

[Male Narrator. Game show music leads in for two seconds.]

Voice Over:
It’s called, “The Tipton Game.” Round One … What’s in it for Scott Tipton’s family? Sscott Tipton hired his nephew’s company to work for his congressional office. Uh oh, congressional ethics rules prohibit hiring relatives.

[losing sound effect]

Voice Over:
That’s sneaky Scott.

Voice Over:
Round Two … What’s in it for his friends? Scott Tipton voted for the Republican Budget that includes another trillion dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy.

[losing sound effect]

I don’t know, Scott.

Voice Over:
Final Round … What’s in it for You? You pay Medicare taxes on every dollar you earn, but the budget Scott Tipton voted for ends Medicare as we know it. Seniors would have to pay sixty four hundred dollars more each year.

[losing sound effect]

Scott, what are you doing?!