House Majority PAC Announces Ad Offensive Against Rick Crawford for Voting to End Medicare as We Know It

June 28, 2011

This week, the House Majority PAC launched a paid advertising blitz against eight House Republicans including Rick Crawford for voting to end Medicare as we know it and increase the national debt by providing $200,000 tax breaks for millionaires.

“Representative Rick Crawford likes to talk about reducing the debt but the budget he voted for provides a trillion dollars in budget-busting tax breaks for the wealthy,” said Ali Lapp, Executive Director of the House Majority PAC. “Even worse, Crawford voted to end Medicare as we know it, while forcing Arkansas seniors to pay as much as $6400 more a year for the same health care coverage.”

The new ad offensive runs through June 30th.

Below is a transcript of the ad.

Voice Over:
The math simply doesn’t add up.

Congressman Rick Crawford says he wants to cut the deficit… and that’s a good thing.

Voice Over:
But the budget Rick Crawford voted for gives a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy. Millionaires would get a tax break of two hundred thousand dollars a year. Two hundred thousand dollars.

Voice Over:
And who pays? Well, Rick Crawford’s budget essentially ends Medicare. Seniors would pay sixty four hundred dollars more a year for the same coverage.

Voice Over:
Sixty four hundred dollars a year more for seniors. Two hundred thousand dollars a year less in taxes for millionaires. And the debt…well, that goes up eight trillion dollars over ten years under Rick Crawford’s plan.

Voice Over:
So the next time Rick Crawford says he’ll cut the deficit, tell him to do the math.

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The House Majority PAC also targeted Crawford for voting to end Medicare as we know it this past April.