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House Majority PAC Announces Additional $1.25 Million Buy And Three New TV Ads in NY-03

February 5, 2024

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC is announcing an additional $1.25 million buy and launching three new television ads in advance of the February 13th special election, putting the spotlight on Mazi Pilip’s shady record and extreme platform while highlighting Tom Suozzi’s record on immigration and getting things done.

Same Story, highlights Pilip’s record of dodging questions, her subpoena in a lawsuit related to her family’s business, owing hundreds of thousands in unpaid taxes, and filing false financial disclosures. 

She Is, details Pilip’s decision to run on a pro-life platform that calls for a ban on abortion in New York with no exceptions. 

Smear King, highlights Suozzi’s record on immigration, from working closely with former Rep. Peter King on immigration to voting to support ICE.

‘Same Story’ Transcript: 

“Same story, new name.

“Mazi Pilip’s about to embarrass us again.

“Refusing to answer questions.

“Subpoenaed to testify about unpaid bills from her family’s business.

“She also owed more than 100,000 dollars in unpaid taxes to the IRS, even filing a false financial disclosure.

“Mazi Pilip: She’s an ethical nightmare.

“It’s Tom Suozzi we can count on.

“He’ll work with both parties to secure our border and fight for the middle class.”

‘She Is’ Transcript: 

“I am pro-life. Me, Mazi Melesa Pilip.

“I am pro-life.

“Mazi Pilip is running on a platform to ban abortion.

“No exceptions for rape or incest.

“Mazi Pilip: She’s too extreme.”

‘Smear King’ Transcript: 

“They’re smearing Tom Suozzi on immigration.

“But, it’s Suozzi who worked with Republican Peter King to get tough on immigration and confront our border crisis.

“You were one of 18 that voted to support ICE.

“You know ‘cause I do support ICE.”