House Majority PAC Announces Second Wave of August Offensive Against House Republicans for Misguided Priorities

August 19, 2011

The House Majority PAC today is announcing the second wave of a 6-figure paid advertising offensive on cable television over the August recess against some of the most vulnerable House Republicans. The new ads which will target Representatives Dan Lungren (CA-03) and Sean Duffy (WI-07) hold vulnerable House Republicans accountable for their misguided priorities, and for their votes to sell out the middle class.

“The American people are disgusted with House Republicans misguided priorities and votes to sell out the middle class,” said Alixandria Lapp, Executive Director of House Majority PAC. “Whether it’s voting for tax loopholes to keep corporate profits sky high, protecting profits for companies that ship jobs to China, or ending Medicare as we know it, House Republicans have plenty to answer for back home this August recess. House Majority PAC will continue holding House Republicans accountable for their extremist agenda.”