House Majority PAC Exposes John Koster’s Love Affair With Rush Limbaugh

August 27, 2012

Republican Nominee Koster Praised Rush As A “National Resource And A “Legend In His Own Time” On The “Cutting Edge of Societal Evolution”

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC today released a new web video entitled “Something’s Not Right” that shows just how much WA-01 Republican nominee John Koster loves Rush Limbaugh – and how out of touch he is with Washington voters.

The video is available here:

Rather than reject the racism, sexism, birtherism, anti-Semitism and homophobia that defines Rush Limbaugh’s worldview, John Koster chose to embrace and celebrate them. As a state legislator, Koster sponsored a resolution that honored Limbaugh for his “dedicated service,” for setting an “outstanding example of diligence, integrity, and excellence,” for being “the epitome of morality and virtue,” and being a “legend in his own time.”

Koster went even further, praising Rush for his position on the “cutting edge of societal evolution” as someone committed “to truth, justice, and basic American values throughout his entire life” who “provid[es] balanced, honest, and understandable information on the critical issues.”

“As Republicans gather in Tampa, Tea Party extremist John Koster carries the party flag in WA-01, embracing and celebrating Rush Limbaugh, one of the GOP’s preeminent thought leaders,” said Alixandria Lapp, Executive Director of the House Majority PAC. “The extent of his affection for Rush Limbaugh – who Koster praised as a ‘national resource’ – shows just how out of touch John Koster is with Washington voters.”

House Majority PAC has reserved $800,000 in television advertising time in Seattle.