House Majority PAC Hits Republicans In Six New TV Spots

October 2, 2012

New Expenditures Total Nearly $1.2 Million 

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC announced today it would begin running advertisements in six Congressional races, including the organization’s first ad in Michigan. The spots represent a total expenditure of nearly $1.2 million.

In FL-10 and MN-08, House Majority PAC will partner with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to air the spots, as the two groups have done throughout the election cycle.

AZ-02 – “Recipe” shows how with her support for privatizing Social Security and raising the retirement age, Martha McSally would be a recipe for disaster for families, seniors and the middle class in Arizona. “Recipe” will air in Tucson for one week.

FL-10 – “Door” hits Tea Party Republican Dan Webster for his out of touch priorities that call for increasing seniors’ prescription drug prices and forcing them to pay $6,400 more a year for care, all while cutting taxes for millionaires and billionaires. House Majority PAC and SEIU, with nearly 47,000 members in state, will share the cost of airing this spot for a week in Orlando.

IA-01 – “These Hands” shows that with his support for a plan that cuts taxes for the wealthiest among us, raises taxes on middle class families and guts Medicare, Republican Ben Lange just doesn’t understand Iowa. “These Hands” will air in Cedar Rapids for a week.

IL-17 – “Back” criticizes Rep. Bobby Schilling for turning his back on Illinois by supporting tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas and voting six separate times to block tax cuts for middle class families. “Back” will air in Peoria for a week.

MI-01 – “Out of Step” makes clear just how out of step Republican Dan Benishek is with northern Michigan. Benishek voted to cut college Pell Grants and to gut the Clean Water Act – and he even called a plan that would essentially end Medicare “the only responsible plan I’ve seen.” “Out of Step” will air in both Marquette and Traverse City for a week.

MN-08 – “Postcards” takes Tea Party Republican Chip Cravaack to task for his misguided priorities, including the $1,000 a month taxpayer-funded SUV he drives and his vote to force seniors to pay $6,400 more a year for care all while he protected taxpayer-subsidized health care for life for members of Congress. House Majority PAC and SEIU, with 30,000 members in state, are sharing the cost of this spot. “Postcards” will air in the Twin Cities for a week.