House Majority PAC Launches Ad Offensive Against Tim Griffin for Voting to End Medicare as We Know It

June 28, 2011

This week, the House Majority PAC launched a paid advertising blitz against eight House Republicans including Tim Griffin for voting to end Medicare as we know it and increase the national debt by providing $200,000 tax breaks for millionaires.

“Representative Tim Griffin likes to talk about reducing the debt but the budget he voted for provides a trillion dollars in budget-busting tax breaks for the wealthy,” said Ali Lapp, Executive Director of the House Majority PAC. “Even worse, Griffin voted to end Medicare as we know it, while forcing Arkansas seniors to pay as much as $6400 more a year for the same health care coverage.”

The new ad offensive runs through June 30th.

Below is a transcript of the ad.

Voice Over:
Can we ever get the truth out of Washington?

Tim Griffin says he’s committed to saving Medicare. But America’s leading conservative newspaper — The Wall Street Journal, reported the Republican budget Griffin voted for, quote, “would essentially end Medicare.” That was on April 4th of this year. You can go to WSJ dot com and look it up for yourself.

Voice Over:
Seniors would have to pay sixty-four hundred dollars a year more to get the same benefits. The budget Tim Griffin voted for also cuts taxes for the wealthy by another trillion dollars. And that budget adds eight trillion dollars to the national debt over ten years.

Voice Over:
It’s not about saving Medicare. Again, you can read it in The Wall Street Journal, quote, “the House Republican’s budget cuts go to fund tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the rich.”

Tim, why not just tell us the truth?

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