House Majority PAC Launches Closing Argument Against Allen West

October 30, 2012

Buy In FL-18 Now Increased By $400,000 To $1.9 Million

Washington, D.C. – Just over a week out from Election Day, House Majority PAC unveiled its closing argument against Allen West in the form of two new TV ads that will run simultaneously until November 6. House Majority PAC also announced that its buy in this district has increased by $400,000 to a total of $1.9 million.

The first spot, entitled “Four Dollars,” begins running today in West Palm Beach. It focuses on the devastating effects of Allen West’s vote to end the promise of secure health care for seniors afforded by Medicare, which will significantly increase costs.

“Four Dollars” is available here:

The second ad, a comparative spot entitled “Everywhere,” begins to air Tuesday and will run alongside the first ad. “Everywhere” blasts Allen West’s out of touch priorities, making clear that despite all of West’s paid advertising attacks, what he’s not talking about is jobs. Of course, with West’s votes for a budget that could cost 1.7 million jobs and his support for tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, that shouldn’t come as any surprise. Democrat Patrick Murphy, a proven job creator, offers a much better choice.

“Everywhere” is available here:

“Allen West is well-known for his offensive, outlandish and belligerent rhetoric,” said Alixandria Lapp, Executive Director of House Majority PAC. “But what Floridians should remember as they head to the polls is – whether it’s ending Medicare, killing jobs or supporting tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas – how dangerous Allen West’s votes are.”