House Majority PAC Launches New Attack on King

October 26, 2012

House Majority PAC is going back up in Iowa’s 4th District with a new ad buy — their fourth spot to run in the district — which will air in Des Moines through Election Day.

The move comes in response to spending by GOP outside groups in the district, particularly Crossroads GPS, which has been up for the last two weeks in the Des Moines and Sioux City media markets.

The new House Majority PAC ad hits GOP Rep. Steve King, saying he “puts himself ahead of us.”

“Small business and farms drive Iowa’s economy,” says the narrator. “But in our time of need, Congressman King turned his back on us. Opposing loans for small business. Even voting against disaster relief for family farms. Instead, King supported tax breaks for corporations shipping jobs overseas.”

The commercial also says King voted to raise his own pay and “billed taxpayers for his luxury SUV.”

The ad buy is nearly $170,000. Outside money has poured into the race between King and former Iowa first lady Christie Vilsack. In addition to Crossroads (which has spent about $210,000 in Des Moines and $185,000 in Sioux City over the past two weeks), the Humane Society and National Federation of Independent Business have been on the air in the district.