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House Majority PAC Launches New Television Ads and Digital Ads Connecticut and Maine

September 28, 2022

Washington, D.C. – House Majority PAC is launching new television ads and digital ads in Connecticut and Maine. 


House Majority PAC is launching two new television ads. “Down Here” highlights Jahana Hayes’ fight to lower prescription prices for seniors, and George Logan living the high life as an Eversource Executive and former lobbyist who gave them tax breaks — as they jacked up energy costs. 

For Them” highlights how George Logan would help Washington Republicans implement a nationwide ban on abortion — including in Connecticut.


House Majority PAC is launching a new television ad, “Back To The Swamp”, highlighting Bruce Poliquin supporting special tax breaks for big corporations and more government spending, and for his ties to special interests like big oil and drug and insurance companies. 

House Majority PAC is also launching a new digital ad, “Hurt”, highlighting how Bruce Poliquin’s extreme abortion policies would hurt Mainers.